Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Dedinje”

Investor: Public Investment Management Office, 11 Nemanjina Street, 11000 Belgrade

Employer (leading member of the bidding group): “W.D. CONCORD WEST” DOO, Belgrade

Contract value: 3.922.814,32 EUR, excl. VAT

Completion deadline: December 2020

“The new building with underground garages, ground floor, 3 floors is located at the back of the existing one, and it is envisaged that, after construction and reconstruction, they will be connected into a single functional unit. The gross construction area of the new building is 13,858 m2.
The condition for the implementation of the project is the smooth operation of the existing facility during the construction of the new building.”
The total value of all contracted works is 22,826,235.00 EUR, excluding VAT
MPP Jedinstvo, as a member of the group of bidders, performs works on roads, thermo-technical and hydro-technical installations.

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