Vodovod-Labin-Hrvatska-3The production and installation company Jedinstvo was founded in 1947, with its headquarters in Uzice. The main business area of the company was installation of internal thermo – equipment and hydro – equipment and exterior equipment. During its development, Jedinstvo has actively participated in the development and realization of a vast number of succesfully built structures, which are the result of fruitful cooperation of science organizations, universities and large project organizations in the country, all to our customers’ satisfaction.

Jedinstvo has been operating on foreign markets from its foundation. From 1988, the company has been present in the region of the former Soviet republics. Initialy, we were operating in the field of development and construction of installations in structures of up to 10.000 m2 in size, but owing to our quality and meeting of deadlines, from mid – 1990s we started signing contracts for bigger and more complex objects. In the recent years, our engagement has been significant in the Russian market at building sites in Moscow and Sochi.

Vodovod-Labin-Hrvatska-1Jedinstvo saw expansion of its operations after its privatization, wherein its managers and former and current employees became majority shareholders. The company has invested more than 25 million euros from its assets in the last couple of years for the purchase of equipment and other companies and construction of production facilities, enabling Jedinstvo to have its own facilities for the works it carries out.