Quality policy

quality_policy_1Jedinstvo has years of tradition and experience in the construction of heating and air conditioning structures and systems, waterworks and sewerage, facilities for production and distribution of gas and other energy sources, structural and civil engineering, etc.

Products and services of Jedinstvo are of high and enduring quality. They are present around the world in the global market, providing certainty to main contractors and users in the achievement of quality and cost-effective realization in the development of regions and zones, cities and settlements and other commercial and residential areas, and at the same time not endangering the environment therewith.

Jedinstvo employees are rightfully expected and demanded, having in mind experience, knowledge and acquired reputation, to provide and apply the highest level of quality and a high degree of environment protection in the fileds of:

  1. development, construction and installation of internal and external hydro – installations and thermo – installations, structural and civil engineering and systems for transmission and distribution of gas construction, with complete satisfaction of clients’ needs and regulatory requirements, including statutory and other demands relating quality and environment protection.
  2. production of expanding vessels, parts and components for hydro – installations and thermo – installations
  3. maintenance of systems and service support during lifetime of installations and products
  4. services in international, public and road transport

Successful realization of the aforementioned tasks is our permanent orientation, accompanied by the achievement of the following goals:

Satisfied main contractors, users and community

By developing partnership relations, joint effort and efficient communication with main contractors, users, deliverers and the community, we wish to further the quality of our work, healthy and safe jobs, protection of the environment and achieve mutual benefits. All business processes, with the participation of all employees in accordance with established powers and responsibilities, with no exception, wil be oriented to the delivery of high – quality products and services which meet harmonised demands of users, legal and technical regulations with cost – effective and efficient work within deadlines agreed – upon. Thereto, all employees have high awareness of the need to protect the environment and occupational health and safety.

Participation of employees

The goals, working plans and programmes, accompanied by compliance with the law, are the foundation upon which employees may achieve their creativity and innovation in the realization of quality products and services, decrease or elimination of risk for occupational health and safety and protection of the environment.

Quality and care for the protection of the environment are duties of every employee regardless of a managerial or working task he/she performs. All employees are obliged and responsible for the provision of active and creative contribution, and the management’s duty is to stimulate and participate in the programmes and tasks for the improvement of performance and quality of every business process and protection of the environment, as well as to create conditions for greater satisfaction of the employees and the community.

Education and knowledge innovation is a foundation for the application of new technologies and development of the quality management system, protection of the environment and protection of occupational health and safety.

Development and improvement of integrated management system

ISO9001For the purpose of development and improvement of its operations, Jedinstvo will have, as its key backing, the development and improvement of the integrated quality management system, protection of the environment and occupational health and safety in accordance with built-in market practices according to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

Download ”Quality policy of MPP Jedinstvo a.d” document.