The company today

Jedinstvo is a public joint stock company, which includes six dependent companies. They contribute to the mother company’s ability as a holding company to carry out even most complex business undertakings from its field of operation using its own resources.
Beside the mother company, the Jedinstvo system encompasses:

–       Novi Pazar put

–       Jedinstvo – Metalogradnja, specialized for the construction of structures for various purposes,

–       Jedinstvo inženjering Moskva, The company’s affiliates in the market of Russia

–       Užice Gas, specialized for gas pipeline construction and gas distribution,

–       Zlatibor-gas, specialized for gas pipeline construction and gas distribution,

–       Jedinstvo BIH

–       Jedinstvo Slovenija

–       Jedinstvo Podgorica, The company’s affiliates in the market of Montenegro

–       Livnica Požega

–       Metaling – Eko doo



Shares of Jedinstvo are traded on the continuous market of the Belgrade Stock Exchange. The company’s ownership structure is still dominated by internal shareholders – managers and former and current employees of the company. Owing to its excellent business performance, the number of external shareholders and portfolio investors from the country and abroad has been gradually increasing.

Jedinstvo ended the 2012 business year with the consolidated business revenue of more than RSD 6bn, while the consolidated net profit amounted to RSD 331.2m.

Most of the company’s income is realized on the domestic market, and a significant part of the income comes from foreign markets, primarily Montenegro.

The system of companies run by Jedinstvo has more than 1,000 employees, and two-thirds of the staff are hired for the mother company’s operations.

In its field of operation, Jedinstvo satisfies most complex demands of clients, meeting stringent quality standards.

Jedinstvo has been certified for:

  1. ISO 9001:2008 – Quality management system (Development, construction and placement of hydro – installations, thermo – installations and gas – installations and facilities, performance of works in the area of structural and civil engineering)
  2. ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental management system
  3. ISO 18001:2007 – Occupational health and safety management system
  4. EN – ISO 3834 – Quality requirements for welding
  5. EN 13941:2009 – Design and installation of preinsulated bonded pipe systems for district heating
  6. Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning license.


Full name Prefabricated-manufacturing company Jedinstvo for construction and installation
of hydro-installations and thermo installations and plants
Short name Jedinstvo ad Sevojno
Headquarters Prvomajska bb
31205 Sevojno
Key people Mica Micic, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Marko Batakovic, General Manager
Phone 381(0)31532911
Fax 381 (0)31 533 685
Belex ticker JESV
Activity code 4399
Other construction activities
Identification number 07188307
TFN 102136136
Bank Account Banca Intesa, 160-7204-95
Number of Employees 560
Ownership in the subsidiaries Novi Pazar put (100%)
Jedinstvo Metalogradnja (52,8%)
Jedinstvo inženjering Moskva (95%)
Užice gas (70%)
Zlatibor gas (100%)
Jedinstvo BIH (100%)
Jedinstvo Slovenija (100%)
Jedinstvo Podgorica (100%)
Livnica Požega (100%)
Metaling – Eko doo (100%)