Autokuća „Raketa“

Autokuća „Raketa“ is a joint stock company with twenty years of experience in car sale and servicing, with 58 employees in its sale and service centres in Sevojno and Cacak. It is an authorised sale and service partner for the vehicles of Peugeot, Fiat, Zastava, Zastava kamioni, Lada, Gaz. In its servicing facility in Sevojno, AK Raketa carries out operations in the areas of car mechanics, car electricity, car body, painting, automotive upholstery, tire repairs, car washing, lubricating and car surface protection, LPG device placement and technical inspection of vehicles. The sale – servicing centre in Cacak sells and maintains vehicles from the ranges of Renault and Dacia. In its servicing facility, its operations include car mechanics, car electricity, car washing and lubrication and technical inspection of vehicles.

AK Raketa operates as a public joint stock company. Beside the mother company of Jedinstvo, which owns 69.8% of its shares, the largest number of the remaining shares is owned by the state-run Equity fund and company’s former and current employees.


Full name Autokuća Raketa ad Sevojno
Headquarters Prvomajska 63
31205 Sevojno
Phone 381 (0)31 531 799
Fax 381 (0)31 531 970
Activity code 4520
Car sale and servicing
Identification number 07362358
TFN 101503372
Bank Account  Raiffeisen banka, 265-3410310000059-59