Jedinstvo Metalogradnja

The Jedinstvo Metalogradnja company was founded in 1947. It is situated in Sevojno, 200 km from Belgrade, right next to the primary state road to Podgorica. It owns a management building and 7,000 square meters of production facilities built on a 3 hectare piece of land.

Jedinstvo Metalogradnja is a public joint stock company. Beside Jedinstvo, its mother company, which owns 52.8% of its shares, the majority of the remaining shareholders are former and current employees of the company. Jedinstvo Metalogradnja had 145 employees at the end of the 2012 business year.

The company’s field of operation is construction of structures of various purposes, both pre-designed and designed on demand:

  • production facilities, warehouses, refrigerated warehouses
  • indoor sport arenas, tennis courts
  • residential, business and commercial structures
  • steel and energy bridges and racked warehouses
  • installation of roof covers, facades and ceilings from structural insulated panels with stone wool and polyurethane made by various European manufacturers
  • specialized in the placement of roof covers with hydroinsulated membrane
  • performance of regular sheet metal and locksmithery works
  • reconstruction of flat roofs with steel substructures and roof covers made of steel or aluminum sheets
  • Jedinstvo Metalogradnja has delivered a huge number of objects to clients during its half-century existence, while most important partners in the last period were companies Pink International, Banini, JUB, Mercator Čačak, Polimark, Monus etc.

Name Jedinstvo-Metalogradnja ad Sevojno
Headquarters Prvomajska bb,
31205 Sevojno
Phone 381 (0)31 532 555
Fax 381 (0)31 533 668
Activity code 4391
Installation of roof covers
Identification number 07188315
TFN 101779416
Bank Account Banca Intesa, 160-98230-72