The Užice-gas Joint Stock Company was founded in 2007 in Uzice by the Municipality of Uzice, which owns 30% of the company’s issued capital, while the remaining 70% of the issued capital was subscribed by Jedinstvo. Užice gas is still a company at an early stage of development, which at the end of 2012 had 12 employees. This is one of the earliest examples of public-private partnerships in Serbia, where the local government undertook to provide project documents, necessary permits, restoration of the streets to their former state, while the private partner’s task concerns services, works and material for the construction of a secondary distribution network for 13,500 users on the territory of the City of Uzice.

Basic fields of operation of the Uzice gas JSC include:
– gas pipeline construction
– natural gas distribution
– natural gas distribution system management
– retail trade of natural gas with tariff buyers

Full name Užice-gas ad Užice
Headquarters Ljube Stojanovića 4
31000 Užice
Phone 381 (0)31 521 662
Fax 381(0)31 521 668
e-mail uzicegas@open.telekom.rs
Activity code 3522
Distribution of fuels through pipelines
Identification number 20305444
TFN 105077040
Banc Account Banca Intesa, 160-278315-10