Zlatibor – gas is a limited liability company for the construction of gas pipelines and gas distribution, founded in 2008 solely by the Jedinstvo company from Sevojno. This company was formed with the aim of construction of a primary gas pipeline from Uzice to Cajetina and the construction of a distribution network in Cajetina and the Zlatibor area, where 5,000 buildings are prospective gas users. This is one of the youngest companies in the Jedinstvo system, which employed one person at the end of 2012.

Name Zlatibor-gas doo Zlatibor
Headquarters Tržni centar bb
31315  Zlatibor
Phone 381 (0)31 532681
Fax 381 (0)31 532685
Activity code 3522
Distribution of fuels through pipelines
Identification number 20460059
TFN 105831489
Bank Account Banca Intesa, 160-311156-39