Reference list

1. Production facility with an administrative building and associated facilities "Boysen"  (details)

Employer: SMB-GRADNJA d.o.o. Subotica

Value of contracted works: EUR 4.037.583,35, excl. VAT

Completion deadline: April, 2020

Manufacture and installation of a steel structure and the execution of ironmongery work on the Production Facility with the administrative building and the associated facilities "Boysen" in the industrial zone "Mali Bajmok" in Subotica.

2. Delivery and installation of solar collectors for PUC Grejanje Pancevo  (details)

Employer: E3 International

Value of contracted works: USD 99,997.16, excluding VAT

Delivery and installation of 200 solar collectors for PUC "Grejanje" Pancevo, Heating Plant "Kotez"

3. Sewage network and WWTP Bela Zemlja  (details)

Investor: Republic of Serbia - City of Uzice

Employer: Republic of Serbia - Ministry of Economy

Value of contracted works: 40.260.791,58 RSD, excl. VAT

Construction of sewage network and wastewater treatment plant in the business zone Bela Zemlja, Uzice.

4. Production warehouse facility CTP in Kragujevac  (details)

Investor: SMB-GRADNJA d.o.o. SuboticaContract value: EUR 2,885,181.34 excluding VAT

Completion of works: October 2019

Performing works on installations: thermotechnical, hydrotechnical, compressed air, sprinkler, gas and foam fire extinguishing at production and warehouse facility with total area of 18.000 m2.

5. Water supply of Pomurje  (details)

Investor: Municipalities of Velika Polana, Turnišče, Črenšovci, Odranci, Kobilje, Lendava and Dobrovnik

Value of works: 20. 488.000 eur

6. Hotel complex Kamelia, Sochi  (details)

Investor: Kamelia

Value of works: 756.000.000 rub

7. Water supply Foca  (details)

Investor: Municipality of Foca, Republic of Srpska

Value of works: 2.348.000 eur

8. Russian International Olympic University and hotel complex, Sochi  (details)

Investor: Putevi Uzice AD

Value of works: 1.038.600 руб

9. Indoor swimming pool Uzice  (details)

Investor: Ministry of Youth and Sports and City of Uzice

Value of works: 1.062.000

10. Indoor swimming pool in Pirot  (details)

Investor: Putevi Uzice AD

Value of works: 1.140.000 eur

11. Transfer Station - Regional Waste Management Center Subotica  (details)

Investitor : Delegacija Evropske Unije za Republiku Srbiju

Vrednost radova : 3.168.000 eur

12. Solar collectors in Pancevo  (details)

Investor: City of Pancevo

Value of works: 428.000 eur

13. MHE Beli kamen on Zlatibor  (details)

Investor: Elektrovat doo Belgrade

Value of works: 1,937,000 eu

14. Stations for fuel supply  (details)


Value of works: 6.545.000 eur

15. Boiler room in Uzice - construction and modernization of district heating system  (details)


Value of works: 4.412.570 eur

16. Oil tanks in Novi Sad  (details)


Value of works: 804,000 eur

17. Swarovski Subotica  (details)

Investor: SMB Gradnja Subotica

Value of works: 4.050.000 eur

18. Waste water treatment plant TE Nikola Tesla  (details)

Investor: Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia

Value of works: 1.189.000 eur

19. Construction of sewerage and water supply network in Novi Pazar  (details)

Investor: Novi Pazar city

Value of works: 1,829,000 eur

20. Construction of the water supply system of the Kolubara district  (details)

Investor: Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia and Hydrotechnics - Hydroenergetics AD Belgrade

Value of works: 10.025.000 eur

21. Gold gondola Zlatibor   (details)

Investor: Municipality of Čajetina

Contract value: 345.940.760,00 RSD without tax

Execution of works on the construction of a panoramic gondola on Zlatibor with accompanying facilities. The route of the gondola, nine kilometers long, connects the center of Zlatibor with the ski center Tornik, through Ribnica Lake, where the interstellar station will be located.

22. Expansion of the boiler room of "Valjaonica Bakra Sevojno Ad" Sevojno  (details)

Investor: "Valjaonica Bakra Sevojno Ad" Sevojno

Contract value: 242.763,01 EUR without TAX

Completion of works: September 2019

Delivery, installation and commissioning of 8MW hot water boiler with burner on natural gas and other associated equipment with execution of supporting construction and electrical works.

23. Building a commercial building RTV Novi Sad  (details)

Investor: Public media institution "Radio-televizija Vojvodine"

Investor: SMB-GRADNJA d.o.o. Subotica

Contract value: 258.356.189,53 RSD without TAX

Completion of works: September 2019

MPP Jedinstvo as a member of a group of bidders performs works on thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and sprinkler installations.
The building will have five television and six radio multifunctional studios and will have 17,530 square meters, with all the necessary technical and technological accompanying facilities.

24. Reconstruction and upgrading of the water treatment plant Berilovac in Pirot  (details)

Investor: JP Vodovod i kanalizacija Pirot

Contract value: 1.386.998,48 EUR without TAX

"Planned activities include:
- Reconstruction and expansion of the filter station,
- Reconstruction of the pump station,
- Construction of a tank of 700 m3,
- Construction of internal roads,
- Construction of a sludge drying area,
- Sinking tank volume of 400 m3 for used water from filter wash, etc. "

25. Shoping mall Zvezdara  (details)

Investor: MPC Properties

General Contractor: SMB-GRADNJA d.o.o. Subotica;

Contract value: 9.761.305,44 EUR without TAX

Completion of works: Spring 2020.

MPP Jedinstvo performs works on thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and sprinkler installations, as well as locksmith works.

The building has a total area of 130,000 square meters with 3 retail levels and over 150 shops, restaurant part, underground garage for 1250 vehicles. The entire investment exceeds the value of 100 million euros.

26. Water supply system Zubin Potok  (details)

Construction of regional water supply system of Zubin Potok Municipality, Kosovska Mitrovica and Zvecan

Contract value: rsd.

27. International Olympic University with hotel and recreational complex  (details)

Project: International Olympic University with hotel and recreational complex (4* and 5*), the total area 93.962 m2, Sochi, Russian Federation
Type of works: Performing of mechanical installation
Investor: Company "INTERROS", Russian Federation

28. Ski center "Rosa Khutor"  (details)

Project: Ski center "Rosa Khutor" with hotel (3* and 4*) and apartment complexes, total area 47.520 m2, Sochi, Russian Federation
Type of works: Performing of mechanical installation
Investor: Company "INTERROS", Russian Federation

29. Water supply and sanitation Adriatic Coast III, phase I- Kotor, Montenegro  (details)

Type of works: Performing of earthworks on laying water and sewerage network and construction of five pump stations
Investor: PE for water and sewerage Kotor
Contract value: EUR 5.3m

30. Performing of work (Phase Ia) on infrastructure within complex "Porto Montenegro" in Tivat, Montenegro  (details)

Type of works: works on vacuum sewers, water network, hydrant network and network of irrigation ( underground works ); works on water and sewerage systems in building
Investor: "Adriatic Marinas" Porto Montenegro

31. Filter plant Mojdež, Herceg Novi, Montenegro  (details)

Type of works: Construction of filter plant Mojdež
Investor: PUC water and sewerage Herceg Novi
Contract value: EUR 2.4m

32. Sewerage system Kotor, Montenegro  (details)

Type of works: Construction of sewage system
Investor: Municipality Kotor and Directorate for Planning and Development of Kotor
Contract value: EUR 1.16m

33. Construction of complex of terminals for storage and handling of petroleum products, Smederevo  (details)

Type of works: Civil works, mechanical and electrical works and organization of fild by the entire terminal access roads including part of the terminal, that leads to the Danube
Investor: AD NAFTA
Contract value: EUR 258,170.02

34. Sewage pump station "Glavna", Šabac  (details)

Type of works: civil works, mechanical and electrical works
Investor: Ministry of Agriculture, trade, forestry and waterpower engineering
Contract value: RSD 107.9m

35. Sewerage system Šarampov - Meovača and Bjelkića brdo - Bajina Bašta  (details)

Type of works: Execution on sewerage system
Investor: Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and Municipality of Bajina Bašta
Contract value: RSD 69.17m

36. Construction of facility for irrigation of agricultural land, Grocka  (details)

Type of works: Construction of irrigation system
Investor: Agency for investment and housing- City directorate of Belgrade city
Contract value: RSD 239.9m

37. Aqua park, Hotel "Izvor", Aranđelovac  (details)

Type of works: Performing of works on the assembly of pool equipment
Investor: Hotel "Izvor"

38. Swim complex in Babušnica  (details)

Type of works: Performing of civil, mechanical and electrical works
Investor: Municipality Babušnica

39. Construction of swimming pool in Užice, phase I and II  (details)

Type of works: Construction of swimming pool, phase I;performing of civil and craft works, phase II
Investor: Phase I- Republic of Serbia, Ministry of youth and sport; phase II- Directorate for construction Užice

40. Swimming pool "Prozivka", Subotica  (details)

Type of works: Construction of indoor pool "Prozivka", Subotica
Investor: SMB-Gradnja d.o.o. Subotica
Contract value: RSD 95.6m

41. Open swimming pool, Varvarin  (details)

Type of works: Construction of open swimming pool with plateau and stands in the SRC "Varvarin"; assembly of mechanical and pool installation, electrical work, water and sewerage system
Investor: PE Directorate for planning and construction "Varvarin"
Contract value: RSD 29.9m

42. Small hydropower plant "Bare"  (details)

Type of works: Performing of hidroconstruction works
Investor: MHE Bare d.o.o.

43. Small hydropower plant "Krstići"  (details)

Type of works: Performing of hidroconstruction works
Investor: Tek Energy d.o.o.

44. Special rehabilitation hospital, Bukovička banja  (details)

Type of works: Restoration and renovation of the facade and the roof and windows replacement
Investor: Municipality Aranđelovac

45. Streets reconstruction in Aranđelovac, phase III  (details)

Type of works: Work on reconstruction of the streets of Knjaz Miloš and Zanatlijska, Aranđelovac; works on water supply, sewer lines and sewerage system, electricity, lighting, TT Instalation of gas, seeding establishment and instalation of irrigation, replacement of old asphalt by new one and production of concrete blocks pavement
Investor: PE for planing and construction of Municipality Aranđelovac
Contract value: EUR 2.77m

46. Mane pipeline M6 over the bridge “Gazela”  (details)

Type of works: Supply of equipment and execution of works on reconstruction of main pipeline M6 over the bridge "Gazela"
Investor: PE Beogradske elektrane
Contract value: RSD 59.8m

47. Bridge Ada pipeline DN900  (details)

Type of works: Execution of works on steel pipeline DN 900, bridge carpenters and cathodic protection
Investor: GP PORR d.o.o.
Contract value: EUR 649,324.43

48. Sport center of Football Association of Serbia "House of Football", Stara Pazova  (details)

Type of works: Performing of mechanical work
Investor: SMB-Gradnja d.o.o. Subotica

49. Factory Grundfos GMS, phase I, Inđija  (details)

Type of works: Performing of mechanical installation with the clause "turnkey"
Investor: ENERGOGROUP d.o.o.
Contract value: EUR 2.6m

50. MERKATOR Beograd  (details)

Type of works: Performing of mechanical instalation
Investor: MERKATOR
Contract value: EUR 760,738.73

51. FIAT Kragujevac  (details)

Type of works:
a) Execution on sewerage system on facilities; b) Mmechanical works;
c) Mechanical works building 2

Investor: FIAT
Contract value: EUR 4.97m

52. Production facility for ammunition "Prvi Partizan"  (details)

Type of work: Performing of civil works, plunbing, HVAC and electrical work
Investor: Prvi Partizan a.d. Užice
Contract value: RSD 335.4m

53. LCC Makiš, Belgrade  (details)

LCC Makiš, Belgrade;
Type of works: Construction of the lab command center Makiš PUC
Investor: Belgrade water and sewerage
Contract value: RSD 345.2m (EUR 3m)

54. Water production plant "Bolje sestre"  (details)

Water production plant "Bolje sestre", Skadar lake, Montenegro
Type of works: Construction, supply and instalation;
Investor: PE for water supply, waste water treatment and solid waste disposal, Budva, Montenegro;

55. Complex of pools, phase I, Stara Pazova  (details)

Type of works: Construction of comlexof pools for recreation with outbuildings and associated infrastructure;
Investor: Directorate for construction of Municipality Stara Pazova, PE "Stara Pazova"