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Belgrade Stock Exchange (JESV)
Date 25, Jul 2017
Price 5,000
Change -

Jedinstvo distributes RSD 250 per share as net dividend

The Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Jedinstvo held on June 28 adopted all proposed items on the Agenda, among them the decision on adoption of financial reports and the decision on a profit distribution.

The Assembly of Jedinstvo has decided to distribute a dividend per share in the gross amount of RSD 294.12 (net amount of RSD 250). The Company will pay out almost RSD 80m out of total RSD 161.7m earned as a non-consolidated net profit in 2016.

The record date, by internal acts of the Company, is set on December 31, 2016. The dividend will be paid out in three equal installments, with deadline on the last day of each quarter.