Factory for ammunition completion and packaging

Purchaser: “Prvi partizan” a.d. Uzice

Contract value: 8.262.160,08 EUR excl. VAT

Execution of architectural construction works on the construction of buildings, roads and drainage channels at the site Dautovac – Bela Zemlja for the needs of the construction of a factory complex for the completion and packaging of ammunition

Border crossing Gostun

Investor: Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Finance – Customs Administration, Belgrade

Purchaser (leading member of the group of bidders): “W.D. CONCORD WEST” DOO, Belgrade

Contract value: 380.737.212,51 RSD without VAT

Completion of works: May 2020

“Works on the construction of GP Gostun between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro, the value of all works 669.889.711,21 RSD without VAT.
MPP Jedinstvo as a member of a group of bidders carries out works on roads, traffic signalization, hydrotechnical, hydraulic and thermotechnical installations. “

Production warehouse facility CTP in Kragujevac

Investor: SMB-GRADNJA d.o.o. Subotica

Contract value: EUR 2,885,181.34 excluding VAT

Completion of works: October 2019

Performing works on installations: thermotechnical, hydrotechnical, compressed air, sprinkler, gas and foam fire extinguishing at production and warehouse facility with total area of 18.000 m2.

Gold gondola Zlatibor 

Investor: Municipality of Čajetina

Contract value: 345.940.760,00 RSD without tax

Execution of works on the construction of a panoramic gondola on Zlatibor with accompanying facilities. The route of the gondola, nine kilometers long, connects the center of Zlatibor with the ski center Tornik, through Ribnica Lake, where the interstellar station will be located.

Border crossing Kotroman

Investor: Ministry of Finance, Republic of Serbia

Contract value: 2.174.312,08 EUR without TAX

Completion of works: august 2020

Complete works on the construction of the border crossing Kotroman between the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Works are carried out during the work of the existing border crossing and include the demolition of existing buildings and the construction of new ones.

Building a commercial building RTV Novi Sad

Investor: Public media institution “Radio-televizija Vojvodine”

Investor: SMB-GRADNJA d.o.o. Subotica

Contract value: 258.356.189,53 RSD without TAX

Completion of works: September 2019

MPP Jedinstvo as a member of a group of bidders performs works on thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and sprinkler installations.
The building will have five television and six radio multifunctional studios and will have 17,530 square meters, with all the necessary technical and technological accompanying facilities.

Reconstruction and upgrading of the water treatment plant Berilovac in Pirot

Investor: JP Vodovod i kanalizacija Pirot

Contract value: 1.386.998,48 EUR without TAX

“Planned activities include:
– Reconstruction and expansion of the filter station,
– Reconstruction of the pump station,
– Construction of a tank of 700 m3,
– Construction of internal roads,
– Construction of a sludge drying area,
– Sinking tank volume of 400 m3 for used water from filter wash, etc. “