New Delta Holding office building



Value of the contracted work : 3.949.491,78 EUR , excluding

The new office building of Delta Holding is designed according to the latest world standards. The building will be located in the Business District in New Belgrade. It will be a class A construction project, certified according to the LEED standard, which is a guarantee of the application of the highest environmental standards in the field of construction and maintenance.

The gross area of the building is 22,314 m².

Out of 13 floors, which is the total number of storeys of the building, there will be a garage with 188 parking spaces on two underground floors. There will be common spaces on the ground floor and the mezzanine, while the other floors are intended as business space.

MPP Jedinstvo are performing works on thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and sprinkler installations.

Bajina Basta Border Crossing

Employer: Republic Property Directorate of the Republic of Serbia

Value of contracted works: RSD 217.495.228,50, excl. VAT

Full scope of works on the construction of the Bajina Basta Border Crossing between the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sewage network and WWTP Bela Zemlja

Investor: Republic of Serbia – City of Uzice

Employer: Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Economy

Value of contracted works: 40.260.791,58 RSD, excl. VAT

Construction of sewage network and wastewater treatment plant in the business zone Bela Zemlja, Uzice.

Multifunctional Hall in Kosutnjak

Investor: Institute for Sports and Sports Medicine of the Republic of Serbia, 72 Kneza Viseslav Street, Belgrade

Employer (leading member of the bidding group): “W.D. CONCORD WEST” DOO, Belgrade

Value of contracted works: 219.330.383,97 RSD, excl. VAT

Completion deadline: the beginning of 2021

Construction of a national six-sports training centre – Multifunctional hall in Kosutnjak.
The total value of all contracted works is 1,438,696,641.01 RSD, excluding VAT
MPP Jedinstvo, as a member of the group of bidders, performs works on thermo-technical and hydro-technical installations.

Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Dedinje”

Investor: Public Investment Management Office, 11 Nemanjina Street, 11000 Belgrade

Employer (leading member of the bidding group): “W.D. CONCORD WEST” DOO, Belgrade

Contract value: 3.922.814,32 EUR, excl. VAT

Completion deadline: December 2020

“The new building with underground garages, ground floor, 3 floors is located at the back of the existing one, and it is envisaged that, after construction and reconstruction, they will be connected into a single functional unit. The gross construction area of the new building is 13,858 m2.
The condition for the implementation of the project is the smooth operation of the existing facility during the construction of the new building.”
The total value of all contracted works is 22,826,235.00 EUR, excluding VAT
MPP Jedinstvo, as a member of the group of bidders, performs works on roads, thermo-technical and hydro-technical installations.

WWTP Zlatibor

Investor: PUC Vodovod Zlatibor, Cajetina

Employer (leading member of the group of bidders): Hidroinzenjering doo, Ljubljanja, Montenegro

Contract value: 1.578.140 EUR, excl. VAT

Design and construction of municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Zlatibor.
The total value of all contracted works is 4.464.707,00 EUR, excl. VAT, or 549.716.602,90 RSD, excl. VATU
MPP Jedinstvo as a member of the group of bidders participates in the preparation of part of the project documentation as well as in the execution of complete preparatory work on site clearing, landscaping, earthworks, architectural and construction work, plumbing and HVAC installations, external pipelines, roads and landscaping.

Water supply system in Cetinje, Montenegro

Employer: DOO “Vodovod i kanalizacija – Cetinje” , Cetinje, Montenegro

Contract value: 1,433,553.59 EUR excluding VAT

Procurement and installation of water supply pipelines in Mojkovacka and Bajicka streets in Cetinje, Montenegro.

Factory for ammunition completion and packaging

Purchaser: “Prvi partizan” a.d. Uzice

Contract value: 8.262.160,08 EUR excl. VAT

Execution of architectural construction works on the construction of buildings, roads and drainage channels at the site Dautovac – Bela Zemlja for the needs of the construction of a factory complex for the completion and packaging of ammunition